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Brianna's Classes

posted Nov 01, 2011 19:34:51 by Alessandra
I am writing from alessandra's computer but i will be doing art and i will be teaching cooking with Hadley. Yes, if your are wondering I am not stealing Graces class she gave it to me.... TEH. The art class will be about realistic art work and seeing how objects really when you look with your eyes. This type of art work will be worked with for a while and then we will start working with abstract,anime which anna will be assisting me with and many more interesting art pieces.In the cooking class we will be making various recipes with me and hadley. there will be more about this course when Hadley post her classes and we split cooking evenly
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Pussnboots said Nov 02, 2011 18:22:46
You should make the art stuff more fun, still life is not very fun to do.
I would suggest tie dye, and the anime thing is o.k.
Alessandra said Nov 02, 2011 18:23:58
It is fun, just not crafty.... we will do that too, but we have to work out the basics first
Pussnboots said Nov 02, 2011 22:57:42
grace said Nov 06, 2011 02:03:02
would we be able to do things like occasionaly weaving and making picture frames and stuff like that
pinaple coconut cabob
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