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Interested in Acting Class? Look No Further!

posted Oct 27, 2011 19:12:55 by AnnaCVoy
Hello, if you don't know who I am, now that's just sad, because we're all friends here. c:
SOOOO if you don't know who I am, I'm Anna V. (a.k.a., Actress Anna!) TEE HEE!!

Also, (I'm trying to be very professional wif dis) if you're interested in taking the acting course in our WONDERFUL, AWESOME, AMAZING-SAUCE club, The Skull and Crossbones Club, please contact me ASAP via FirstClass. By the way, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CLASS IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT. But if you are interested, reply YES to this post. Okay?
For now, I don't know the exact dates, but we will be going over (in my class)...

+Theater Acting
+TV/Movie Acting
+Acting Terms (No Quiz... Just Little Fun Things To Do!)
+Acting Exercises (I have some REALLY fun ones!!)

This list will probably grow, and some of these will be jammed into one class session, if need be. Remember, I will aim for this to be an AMAZINGLY FUN class!! There will be no quizzes, but there will be activities that can win you prizes (who says I don't have a sweet tooth??). c:
Please reply ASAP if interested, and I'll get back to you shortly.
~Your Amazing Actress Teacher,
Anna C Voy <3
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being an actress... it's mah thing <3
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4 replies
Pussnboots said Nov 02, 2011 23:00:17
Can you give me more info? I am vaguely interested.:)
AnnaCVoy said Nov 03, 2011 00:30:38
Well, the above is really all that I have so far.
being an actress... it's mah thing <3
LunaLover said Nov 03, 2011 18:18:41
Yes. I would like to. Can we talk over FirstClass?? It's important
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AnnaCVoy said Nov 03, 2011 18:25:20
Yeah, of course! ;)
being an actress... it's mah thing <3
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